Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 Beauty Videos You Must Watch

1. Cosmetic Viking: Pixie Epoxy

If you’ve ever wonder what eye shadow primer, or Pixie Epoxy is, and how to apply it, just ask Brian of Cosmetic Viking! In his video, Brian explains a little about primers, how to use them, and what they do.


2. Enkore: Colorants 1 & 2

Have you ever wonder what your eye shadows are made of? Koren Zander of Enkore Make up explains different types of pigments, their uses, how they react to water (which has been a somewhat popular scandal with pigments and some make up companies), and other valuable information. It’s a recommended watch for anyone who buys indie make up

Part 1

part 2

3. Glitter Glossary: Clean Brushes

Keeping your tools clean is an important part of keeping bacteria out of your cosmetics. This video from Elle Fowler is a nice little example of how to clean your brushes. Especially good for beginners!

4. Expert Village: How to Apply Mineral Make Up

This is great beginner tutorial for anyone who hasn’t used mineral make up before. It has a nice demonstration of how to get the most from your mineral application.

5. Petrilude: How To Use Pigments

Josh or Petrilude has an excellent video on pigments, and all the fun things you can do with him. It’s a great video to learn a little more about your make up, and to get some fun, unusual idea. Definitely a must watch in my book.

I hope you all liked the videos! If you know any good ones you think everyone should watch, just add them to the comments.



Friday, June 3, 2011

Other Uses for Loose Eye Shadow Pigments


It was recently brought to my attention by April of Blacksburg Belle, that most people might not know that eye shadows can be used for more than just your eyes. Now, this is the important part: you need to be very certain that your eye shadows are approved for use on other areas of your face!

Our Dark Heart Designs eye shadows are approved for use on lips, eyes, face, and nails. Here’s a few simple ideas:

Lips: Mix your eye shadow with lip gloss or lipstick for a sparkly, shiny lip

Face: Shadows can be used as a different color blush, or to create fancy designs, like I’ve done here:

Nails: Add your shadows to clear or colored nail polish to make a new color, or change the shade of one you already have.

Here’s a few videos to help you get an idea on other uses for our shadows:

Petrilude’s video on how to use pigments:

One way to use pigments in nail polish:


I hope this post gives you some ideas on all the uses for our eye shadows. Please be aware that this post is only for Dark Heart Designs shadows. If you’re going to use another brand, please make sure that it is approved for the area you’ll be using it in. Thanks for reading everyone!