Monday, July 28, 2014

Biohazardous Beauty: Sample Saturday: Episode 10!!

Thank you Tori for featuring Dark Heart in your series!

Biohazardous Beauty: Sample Saturday: Episode 10!!: Hey everyone! Welcome back for another episode of Sample Saturday!  Here I'll be linking off where you can find the...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What’s going on with Dark Heart?

I was going to post this as an update, but I thought a blog post would provide more room to write, and be shareable across our social media so more of our fans will see the post.

Personally, this year, though it has only been four months so far, has been both unbelievably busy and wonderful. We finally moved out of our apartment and into a house after looking for 6+ months and having things fall through. We had originally planned to move a little further south, so I put in applications for jobs there. When we finally found our current house, we had decided to stay in the same town. Before we moved, one of the companies I applied for called me for an interview and I started working for them. The only problem was the 1 ½ drive there and back, and the fact that since we stayed in the same town, I was still working my 1st job.

Between trying to work two jobs, move everything in, clean up the apartment so we could turn in the keys, and getting the new house set so we could at least live in it, I was seriously spreading myself too thin. The time I had to work on stock, packing orders, and shipping seriously decreased. Instead of completely closing the shop, since Storenvy doesn’t have a vacation mode, it only says the store isn’t there, I changed most of the items to preorder and tried to change the TAT (turn around time) to something I felt was a closer estimate.

Last week I finally decided to put in my notice at the second job and pursue cosmetology. I gave it my best shot, but in the end it can’t compare to Dark Heart and how much I love makeup. I have to work those two weeks, and then we’ll be back on track. Orders will be caught up, contest prizes will be sent, stock will be updated, and new products will be added to the store. I’ve missed everyone so much, and I can’t wait to get back to DHD and the makeup community.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Too Late For Love Deluxe Sample Giveaway

Win a deluxe sample set of the Too Late For Love collection. This collection is normally only available through Ebay’s Giving Works charity auction/buy it now listings. Enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can share the contest each day for more entries. Here is a swatch of the collection by the dolls:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Courtney Couture: A Vintage Hollywood Icon Collection

If you’re a fan of Beauty by Charlie or Kiss & Makeup you may have seen our newest matte collection. Courtney Couture is a collection of mattes made specifically for Courtney’s Vogue contest.

Hollywood Icons

The collection features 4 matte shadows and 2 lipsticks. The colors were requested by Courtney of Kiss & Makeup, Elizabeth of Dotty Ann, and Lacy (who’s been poking me for mattes for ages). A big thank you to all of them for the inspiration!

To name this collection we had vintage Hollywood movie stars in mind. I still believe nothing says old school glamour like a classic Hollywood starlet. Audrey Hepburn was always the height of class and a lady, Marilyn Monroe was an iconic beauty, Elizabeth Taylor was gorgeous and bold, Ava Gardner was charming and mysterious, Grace Kelly was her namesake; graceful, and Sophia Loren was a fiery, exotic beauty.



  • Audrey – Black
  • Elizabeth – White
  • Ava – Nude
  • Grace - Cream


  • Sophia – Pink
  • Marilyn – Red

You can find the Vogue High Fashion contest by clicking here. Its currently ended but the collection will be available soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color addicts welcome!: Dark Heart Designs!!

Color addicts welcome!: Dark Heart Designs!!: Hello lovelies!    I have a few updates since last post. First off I have decided to no longer promote for La Belle Boutiek. On the other h...

Tools of the Trade: Alcohol Spritzer


I’m going to keep it short today and share one of my tools of the trade.

One of my most used tools is a mister filled with Isopropyl Alcohol. I use it to sanitize my workspace, tools, to spray my gloves before I make products and more. You can use it to sanitize pressed powders and spritz a little on a used lipstick before wiping a layer off on a clean tissue or paper towel. I wouldn’t recommend using it on brushes or any loose types of cosmetics as it would make a mess and could ruin your brushes.

You can pick up an inexpensive mister at Wal-Mart or Sally’s Beauty Supply and Isopropyl Alcohol is available at any grocery, pharmacy, or dollar store.

For more tips and tricks visit our Pinterest boards here: