Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pressed Powder Experiments

I spent the past weekend playing around with my powder pressing goodies. It's taken some work and some getting used to but I like making them and I think I'll start selling them as well.

I've found that pressed shadows do not sparkle as well as the loose pigments. They're easier if you intend on using more then one shadow for a look. Tooting one palette is a lot more convenient then tooting 4 or more jars.

I was also thinking about combining colors or marbling two or more colors in one pan. It would make the amount of colors that can go in a pan double. I do believe that will be my next project after the move. I'd really like to be able to offer all of the loose pigment colors in a pressed version with a four color custom palette and color and/or marbling as an option. Hopefully I can add that to my site soon.