Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Faery Inspired Look

I am far from being one of the youtube or blogger make up queens. I'm a normal, average working girl with minimal make up skills. But I can still pull a few rabbits out of the hat. Thanks to my friend's demands I'm going to give a tutorial a shot.

I was browsing books and decided that I wanted to do an eye shadow blend based on Into The Wildewood. Here's a picture of the cover so you can see where I got the idea from:

First off, everyone pretty much knows how to apply foundation, blush, etc. I'm just going to cover a simple shadow blend. First off, I seriously suggest having a good set of tools. These are the brushes that I use all the time:

The first brush on the left, the pink one, came from my ingredient supplier. I absolutely love this brush. It's right up there with my MAC brushes for quality. The middle brush is MAC 224SE, which I use for blending and highlighting. The last brush on the right is a MAC 275SE, which I use to put most of my shadow on.

The colors I used for this blend are Carnival Queen, Nymph, Absinthe, and Frost. I've swatched the colors on my arm. The swatches on the left are on Urban Decay's Potion Primer, while the swatches on the right are on bare skin with no foundation, primer, etc. I've found that I can't get them to stick well without foundation. I also noted the wear of the swatches on my arm. Those that were under the primer have held up better to being rubbed from my sleeve. They also hold up better in conditions where your face will be damp or sweaty, such as concerts. Here are the swatches (minus Frost since I forgot to swatch it):

And now here's the look I went for: 

In order to achieve this look, start with Carnival Queen. Use a thin brush and pat, rather than brush, the yellow shade from the corner of your eye to the inside of your iris. Next, add Nymph to the area just over your iris. From the outside of your iris to the outside corner of your eye, apply Absinthe, blending the colors into each other as you go. Next, use a thicker brush to blend the shade onto your brow. Finally, use use the angled brush to blend Frost from your brow down to the top of your shadow blend. If you like, you can apply a thin line of Carnival Queen under your bottom lash line as I have done. Finish the look with black eyeliner and mascara. Here are some photos of the finished look:

Foundation: Mary Kay