Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stencil Tutorial Part 2 - Using the Stencil

I realize this is a little overdue, but here is the second part of my stencil tutorial that will show you how to use the stencils you made in this post.

First off, you're going to want to apply the stencil sticker to your bare face. If you have any make up on under it, the adhesive will pull it off. I go ahead and finish my make up on every part of my face except for the area that I use the stencils on. I find it's easier to complete your eyeshadow before adding the design.

Now, place the trimmed stencil on the area of your face that you'd like to put the design on. I usually do this around my eyes or on my cheeks. When I'm ready to use the eye shadow for the stencil, I get a small plate or lid to dump a small amount of powder on. I then mix water into the shadow, a drop at a time until I have a thick, liquid consistancy. It's important that you do not add water to your eye shadow jar. Always get another container and dump a small amount out. If water gets into your shadow, it will cause bacteria to grow in it.

While the shadow is still wet, brush it over the main area of the stencil. Do this until you have enough shadow on there to cover the area like this:

Let the area dry for a moment and then slowly peel the stencil off. It should look something like my stars here:

The silver is a little difficult to see. If you use a darker color, it will be a more prominent design when you're finished. Now that I've finished with the stencil, I use a brush to touch up my foundation around the area & add some lip gloss.

If you use a darker color it will look more like this:

If you need to touch up your lines, use a damp brush with a fine line. I've had the designs smudge on me when I get clumsy enough to rub my face.