Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: New Leaves


Sorry for the late post everyone! I’ve been uber-busy lately.

Here’s a pretty green look that’s great for spring!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dark Heart Designs colors:

  • Frost Shadow
  • Absinthe Shadow
  • Limelight Shadow
  • Carnival Queen Shadow

Other makeup I used:

  • Mary Kay Foundation
  • Blush (A trial type of my own)
  • Avon Eyeliner
  • Avon Mascara
  • Morgana Cryptoria Coraline’s Kiss
  • Covergirl dark brown shadow to shade brows (this should match your brow color)


· Urban Decay Potion Primer for setting eye shadow

The look:


1. Start by applying a light facial moisturizer, and then apply your foundation, blush, and whatever else you use personally. I do my brows before my eye shadow. To do this I fill them in with a small brush and a shade of eye shadow that matches my brows. If you’re going to apply eye shadow primer, you’ll want to do it now.

2. Apply the DHD eye shadows in this area, starting with the lightest color, Carnival Queen:


3. Continue to add the rest of the colors from the inside of the eye, out, blending as you go.

4. Apply Frost along the brow line for a highlight.

5. Finish by applying eyeliner to your top and bottom lid, and apply mascara to your top lashes. Finalize the look by adding a light lipstick.

This is the look in natural light: