Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inspiration for our Halloween contest: Dangerously Dolly

Slumped with ideas for our Halloween contest? Try Dangerously Dolly! Here's an excerpt from her site:

"Dangerously Dolly is an internationally published portrait photographer that currently resides in Atlanta, GA often visiting her hometown in Miami, FL, and is available to travel for work.

With years of experience in creative retouching, digital arts, art direction, and photography, at age twenty-three she is focusing on spending most of her creative energy towards her clients and her personal projects.DD has a love for taking conceptual and vivid portraits, usually leaning on alternative and pin-up fashion, however she is always expanding and taking onto different fields of photography while implementing her twist.
DD has been a source of inspiration for other traditional artists, photographers, or even models, and absolutely loves receiving art from those who were influenced by her work."





All images in this post are copyright of http://dangerouslydolly.com. If you're in her area and would like a good photographer I'd personally suggest Janelle. You can visit her site for more ideas.