Friday, January 21, 2011

Feature Friday: The story behind Absinthe

On Fridays I’m going to alternate between featuring some of our products, so you can learn more about them, and featuring other Etsy shops, bloggers, etc. I hope you’ll enjoy reading these features as much as I enjoy writing them!


Absinthe is a medium to dark green with a slight blue tint.

Absinthe was inspired by both the liquor & the green fairy that represents it. Here’s the definition, according to a green liqueur which is flavored with wormwood, anise, and other aromatic herbs and commercial production of which is banned in many countries for health concerns; also : a liqueur resembling absinthe. 

Kylie Minogue as Absinthe

In Moulin Rouge, Kylie Minogue played the part of the green fairy. Her costume & look were absolutely beautiful. I wanted a shadow that invoked the feel of her character. Here’s a little video clip of the green fairy:

I tried to do some swatches of the color on my arm. The lighting is not the best though.

Here’s a simple look using the Absinthe on the eyes, cheeks, and over lipstick.

When I first made this color over a year ago, I had no idea the name would be so popular for eye shadows. I’d change it, but it would take away the entire meaning of this shadow. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!